One of the most significant and impressive water features are the stone based water fountains. They are extremely strong and sturdy and look absolutely stunning on any property.

Stone water fountains are one of the heaviest and solid types of water fountains available on the market. They are the traditional way of producing water fountains and can be said to be the real deal.

Fiberglass fountains try to mimic the look of stone fountains, but if you want a real thing you’ve got to buy a stone water fountain. They maybe a little more expensive upfront, but they hold their value.

Stone water features can either come as and natural stone variation whereby natural stones from the earth are used to construct the fountain. The other variation is far more common and is known as a cast-stone water fountain.

Cast stone water fountains are the fountains that usually have inmates decorative quality with perfect curves and edges. If you’re going to buy a stone fountain you will most likely be buying a cast-stone fountain as there a far more style for you to choose from for your backyard.

Stone fountains are the type of fountains you see in many luxury homes and millionaire mansions. They usually have massive centerpiece at the very front of the house to really make a statement for the guests.

Some of these fountains may not be in your personal price bracket, but there are many more affordable stone fountains for you to choose from.

For example the small stone fountain range. Stone water fountains come in a huge range of different sizes and styles to suit the needs of you all personal garden area.

Stone water fountains in almost all cases are shipped for free no matter how heavy they are.

If you think you would like decorative stone fountain your own garden setting, have a peak at our product list above and pick yourself out your dream stone water feature.