Imagine having your own water fountain and never having to worry about its usage on the electricity bill… Solar powered fountains create a fantastic ambiance and they cost absolutely nothing to run.

Just because the fountain is powered by solar doesn’t mean the fountain isn’t powerful. There is a huge range of different solar options available to you some of which can power heavy-duty pond water features.

Solar power fountains are usually used as outdoor decor, however, technically they could be used inside if the solar panel is outside in the suns rays.

The other beautiful thing about solar fountains is they don’t need any power cords whatsoever so you can put the solar-powered fountain in a remote location and it will work absolutely wonderfully running on just the power of the sun.

Have a peek at our product lists and you will be surprised at some of the decorative detail some of these solar panels have been crafted with. They look absolutely stunning as decor or focal point for any garden.

The maintenance upkeep of solar fountains is usually very small as do not hold as much volume of water as the larger outdoor fountains counterparts. Solar power fountains have a wonderful place in the backyard and it just depends what fits your backyard better a solar powered fountain or a traditional outdoor water fountain.

Solar power usually means much more portable and no need four chords. Traditional outdoor fountains are more appropriate when you want your fountain running during the periods without sun, for example, nighttime and the evenings where the sun volume is decreasing.

If you’d like to learn bit more about solar powered fountains and look how they work and a little bit about maintaining them the keeping them in optimal condition, please read on through our detailed source on solar water features. If you think you’re ready to make the solar-powered fountain part of your new home, take a peek at our product list above and pick yourself out a really nice solar powered fountain!