Sit back in your garden area, relax to gentle sounds of water flowing through bamboo and bamboo knocking in the background. The sounds of the Shishi Odoshi make will sooth your body and make you feel so relieved.

The Shishi Odoshi water fountains come from Japan and were originally is that invented to scare away small animals from their agriculture. In modern times in America, people buy Shishi Odoshi just for their therapeutic and relaxation purposes.

However, if you want to keep animals away from your vegetable garden the Shishi Odoshi would be an absolutely perfect deterrent from small animals.

The Shishi Odoshi are a very humble fountain made only from bamboo and stone for the bamboo to knock against. They are very simple fountains and sound absolutely incredible and look extremely natural, clean and reminiscent of Asia.

If you have a Japanese or Asian inspired garden with bamboos and bonsai, then a Shishi Odoshi will fit in on-key absolutely perfect.

Even if you don’t have a Japanese or Asian garden the Shishi Odoshi water features looks absolutely fantastic. We have seen them in many different American gardens of different style and they never have looked out of place. They’re just a fantastic to accent any outdoor living area.

The Shishi Odoshi range comes in many different style and size options. The best way for you to know which style suits your Garden best is to just start and pick out some Shishi Odoshi that you think will look the part.

When you narrow your lists down, you can then pick your favorite and start feeling the relieving benefits of the incredible Shishi Odoshi.

If you would like a little further information about how the Shishi Odoshi works and if they require any minor maintenance, continue reading through our full-fledged resource and we will keep you over-educated in the ways of the Shishi Odoshi Fountains.