Sit back relax and listen to the sounds of flowing water coming from your very iron backyard rock waterfall. Having your own waterfall in your home is just a click away.

Rock Fountains are the perfect accent for any garden or backyard as they look like an incredible natural waterfall. Waterfalls are extremely relaxing and calming especially if you have a little built up stress — it will instantly be relieved.

Unlike cast stone sculpted water fountains, rock water fountains usually have a natural uncarved rock appearance reminiscent of a waterfall in nature.

Rock waterfall fountains are very popular and get an abundance of compliments from friends, relatives, and visitors. The natural look of rock waterfalls is very pleasing to the eye because it feels like untouched nature.

Although all rock fountains look like real natural rocks from nature, there is an abundance of different shapes of rock fountains. — We guarantee you’ll have plenty of fun choosing which style will look good in your garden.

Not only is there a huge range of different styles, but there are also plenty of different size fountains for you to choose from small tabletop rock fountains to very large outdoor rock waterfalls.

Rock fountains are generally very solid, steady and durable as they are made from natural rock. Some fiberglass or resin based fountains may be labeled as rock or stone fountains as they contain rock like realistic appearance. These fountains are also very good as they are usually less expensive and very portable.

If you’d like to know a bit more about rock fountains, how they made and how they work keep reading on through our rock fountain buyers guide. And if you think you ready to purchase a rock fountain, take a peek at our product lists above to start browsing the full range.