Putting a pond fountain in your living space or into any nature environment will create a jaw dropping experience for all the people around the area to enjoy.

The ambiance the pond fountains and pool fountains create is really something remarkable similar to that of the great whales spraying water so easily out of there blowholes. The sounds of the spraying water instantly relax you very similar to that of a waterfall.

An Illuminated Decorative Pool Fountain
An Illuminated Decorative Pool Fountain

If on your property you have a natural water reservoir or artificial water reservoir, pond, pool area or other types of water ponds we’re highly recommend you purchase a pond fountain because they are really incredible and for the price they improve the quality of your living space or the customer of your business’s clientele tenfold.

High Spray Pond fountain
High Spray Pond fountain

Almost every pond fountain will come with an adjustable nozzle allowing you several different spraying options based on what you prefer or what suits your business and pond.

Many of the pond fountains will also come with an optional light kit that will incredibly eliminate the fountain and pond at night. This visual experience of an illuminated pond fountain spraying in the dark with the wonderful colors is truly a special sight that will put your home as a luxury destination.

An Illuminated Decorative Fountain
An Illuminated Decorative Fountain

Many pond fountains contain an aerator which adds oxygen into your pond which promotes healthy water which won’t go stagnant. This is very important for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem.

All the Pond fountains come with a factory warranty so you can rest assured if there is an unlikely case of any part dysfunction in the future.

Imagine walking by your garden or out outdoor space and enjoying a mystical and powerful water feature coming out of the middle of the pond. The feeling is of magic, awe-inspiring and luxury. If you’re a business owner, we guarantee this is a very attractive benefit for your clientele.

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What are Pond Fountains?

Pond fountains are a unique type of water fountain as the reservoir of the fountain is actually a whole pond. Pond Fountains can be used in any water reservoir ideally at least a 1/4 acre in size. The fountain itself just floats on top of the water surface and does its magic with its attached pipes and cords that run in the pond.

A Decorative Solar Powered Fountain
Pond Fountains are Sometimes Referred to as “Above Ground Pool Fountains”

The fountain is powered by a rotating motor that pumps water in from the pond and sprays it out through a pattern nozzle based system to allow for different types of patterns.

Pond Fountains will usually allow from 1 to 6 configurable patterns that will actually change the way your fountain will look. These patterns are really incredible to look at as the spray at different distances and rotate in different orders. The technology in them is really remarkable and have all its onlookers stargazed.

Many of the pond fountain kits will actually include, sometimes as a bonus option, an illuminated lighting kit which will actually illuminate the pond at night. This will live extra night and evening ambiance similar to that of Disneyland or any magical fantasy place you can imagine.

How to Choose the right Pond Fountain

When it comes to choosing the right pond fountain there are a few things to keep in consideration. a pond needs circulation for life to thrive, otherwise, it’ll become stagnant water and this is not what you want. For a pond fountain to be effective, you need to take consideration into the depth of your pond, size, and shape.

Depth of Pond

Ponds Deeper than 6' Need an Aerating Fountain
Ponds Deeper than 6′ Need an Aerating Fountain

If your pond is more than 6 foot deep, then a pond fountain will mostly likely be not enough to generate enough circulation in the whole pond. For a pond to be properly aerated the entire body of water needs to be in movement – similar to river or stream.

A fountain will only draw water from the top level of water of your pond and the deeper water will not retrieve the oxygen that the top layer is getting.

As a rule of thumb, for any ponds deeper than 6’ you will need a category of Pond Fountain known as the ‘Subsurface Aerated Pond Fountains’. These types of pumps reach the bottom of deep ponds because the air is pushed to diffuser plates that are placed at the floor of the pond. As these air bubbles float to the surface it draws down the top level aerated water provide excellent circulation throughout your whole pond. Its like magic!

Shape of Pond

An irregular shaped pond with mutiple fountains for circulation
An Irregular Shaped Pond with Mutiple Fountains for Circulation

Irregular looking ponds can look absolutely stunning and nature however they do pose some challenges when it comes to adequate pond circulation.

If you are thinking about or in the process of building an artificial pond, keep this in mind.

For these types of ponds, depending on their size it may need necessary to add multiple aerated fountains or multiple pond fountains to achieve the circulation required to get into all those crevices as best as possible.

As a customer, be educated that it’s not possible to over aerate your pond. Over aerating your pond is a good thing. However, it’s very possible to under aerate your pond and this leads to many nasty problems in your pond life.

These guidelines will help to make the best decisions when going about installing your pond fountains and designing your future pond.

Size of Fountain

3 Aerator Fountains in Long Pond
3 Aerator Fountains in Long Pond

When it comes to the size / pattern of your pond fountain there are a few things to keep in mind to make an educated decision.

Every Pond fountain pump will come with a Horse Power rating which will help you to get an idea of how well the pump is going to aerate your pond. The higher the horsepower the more power the pump and the more the pond will aerate.

The best rule of thumb we use is to go with a 1.5HP (Horsepower) Motor per acre of pond. If the fountain is mostly for decorative purposes than 1HP per acre is adequate.

When it comes to the pattern you which to set for your fountain, there are a couple of trips to keep mind.

If you want to both use your fountain for decorative purposes, but also use it for pond aeration you should keep in mind that the more decorative the pattern is set to, the less aeration it will provide.

If your pond needs the most efficient circulation, then a simple spray pattern such as the classic V is the best choice for you for pond health.

Use these tips to help you determine the right pond fountains for your pond.

Different Types of Pond Fountains

There are 4 main categories in which to place the different types of pond fountains. These are the following:

Decorative Pond Fountains

Decorative Pond Fountain Pattern
Decorative Pond Fountain Pattern

Decorative Fountains, as their name states, are designed mostly for aesthetic appeal. They provide incredible visual experiences for its viewers. These fountains will also usually provide lighting kits that will make your fountain illuminate at night and be a truly incredible experience.

Decorative fountains come with many different types of patterns which the owner can change whenever they like.

If your pond needs better circulation and aeration a decorative pond fountain will help, however, an aerating pond fountain is more beneficial in these cases.

Aerating Pond Fountains

An Aerator Pond Fountain with Classic V-Pattern
An Aerator Pond Fountain with Classic V-Pattern

Aerating pond founds are different to normal pond fountains as they push air to the bottom of the pond, and this air rises to the surface drawing down new aerated water from the top level of the pond.

These fountains create circulations throughout the whole pond even if it’s really deep – below 6’. Circulation in pond’s is key to keeping it healthy and thriving.

There are different powered pond fountains on the market and as a general rule 1.5HP will cover a distance of 1 acre of pond. If your pond is bigger, you may need a more powerful motor or multiple aerating pond fountains

In addition to aerating the pond, aerating pond fountains also provide the pond owner with a visually stimulating experience. this experience can be customized with different spray patterns and often rotations

Aerating Only Pond Fountains

An Aerating Only Pond Fountain Is Not as Decorative
An Aerating Only Pond Fountain Is Not as Decorative

The aerating only genre on pond fountain is not so much a fountain as it is an aerator. It does its job of aerating the pond with maximum and unrivaled efficiency.

This, however, is probably not what you are after if you are looking for a more decorative pattern.

An aerating only pond fountain is a very efficient and effective solution for aerating ponds where you are not only interested in fancy patterns and decorative aesthetics.

Solar Pond Fountains

Solar Panel Powered Pond Fountain
Solar Panel Powered Pond Fountain

Solar Pond fountains are almost identical in design to the normal mains powered pond fountains and pond aerators, however, they don’t plug into the grid, they plug into an eco friendly solar panel.

Using solar as a power source for your fountain can save you costs on electricity in the future. There are absolutely no ongoing electrical costs.

Solar is 100% eco-friendly and it is a lead the world has taken to help preserve our planet. If you are looking for a pond fountain, we highly endorse the quality solar pond fountains in our catalog.

Solar fountains can also include a battery so your pond fountain will run during the night with no sun required. Have a peek at some of the solar fountains with batteries included.

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