Imagine sitting in your outdoor furniture enjoying your outdoor space and being able to look at a beautiful focal point with sounds of flowing water cascading onto stone.

Garden fountains provide your backyard with beautiful decorative decor and the visually intoxicating experience of seeing flowing water calmingly in your outdoor living space.

Garden fountains can operate all through the night with very little electricity and will provide you relax experiencing you all day round, perhaps even during the night. It may just help you sleep.

There are a large variety of garden fountains to choose from, for that reason we have made it easier by compiling all the garden fountains available all in one easy location. To get started check out garden fountain product lists at the top of the page.

Adding a Garden Fountain into your garden will make your garden feel as if it has a life. The sounds of flowing water and watching the watch cascade make it feel like your backyard has a life. What’s more, the birds will be drawn to your fountain and it’s very enjoyable for the viewer to watch them drink the water in the bath the fountain.

All of the garden water feature range is made from durable materials usually either fiberglass or cast stone, but no matter what they are made from they are designed to withstand the hot and the cold the wet and the freezing. —Please see the maintenance guide if you have any further queries on garden fountain maintenance.

Outdoor fountains have existed in Eastern cultures, European cultures and many cultures for a long period of time, in-fact since 3000BC! The reason they are so popular is for their soothing and the meditative properties that we have as humans adore.