The benefits of floor fountains are immense just like any other type of fountain. They are an easy type of fountain to install as they do not need mounting to walls and they are very easy to move if you wish to relocate.

Imagine coming home sitting back and looking at the beautifully innate standing water feature. You can hear this sounds of flowing water and see the water cascade down the fountain and it relaxes you and puts in a deep meditative state of mind.

The therapeutic benefits of indoor floor fountains are endless and have been used throughout history for many centuries for spiritual and meditative healing.

Floor fountains are not only for the indoors, but there are also outdoor floor fountains that are designed for your outdoor living area.

Start having a browse through some of that different indoor floor fountains and outdoor floor fountains in our product lists. When you click a product it will come up with more details about the product to help you give you more information so you know your fountains the right purchase.

Hanging an indoor floor fountain really makes a statement to your guests. As they walk in they will see your fountain and give compliments about your home.

What sets apart a normal home and great home is the quality and style of the decor. An indoor water fountain is an exact decor that will instantly improve the look and feel of your home.

Types of Floor Fountains

There is a vast range of different types of floor fountains. The common type is the floor standing fountains whereby water cascades down a decoratively innate panel. This type is very popular.

Other types include tiered outdoor style fountains that look breathtaking in outdoor gardens.

The other major type is custom floor fountains whereby a reservoir is built into your floor with a higher up area for the water to flow down from. This can be relatively expensive to build as they need to be built custom and may take many hours of labor. However, the end result is something that puts your home into magazines and TV programs.