Just imagine coming home to your work desk and being able to sit down and listen to the flowing sounds of water moving through stones and creating very soothing music to your ears.

The range of desk fountains will provide you this relaxing and soothing ambiance right in your office.

Desktop fountains are generally very lightweight which means they are very portable you can meet them from one tabletop in your house to another with no stress, in fact, it’s just like moving a glass object in your house.

Because desktop fountains are relatively small they don’t use much water at all, and this makes them easy to maintain. Not only do they not take much water, but they use little to no electricity so you don’t have to worry about your power bill.

When it comes to styles of desk fountains they have one of the largest ranges of innate and the decorative designs for you to choose from. What’s more, they are relatively very inexpensive compared to the large fountain variations.

You’ll have fun for hours picking out the ideal water feature you think will look on-key on your desktop. Have a browse through our product lists above and see if you can see something that really takes your fancy. Click on it for more information.

After a long day at work or any situation that’s making you feel little migraines, an office fountain instantly forms an atmosphere and creating a meditative ambiance that instantly transforms our stress in a relaxed state of mind.

The primitive feeling of calmly flowing water makes our senes feel relaxed and has been used in cultures for meditation for centuries.

If you’re interested in how desktop fountains work in a little more detail keep on reading as we have compiled a complete guide on the desk fountains to keep you well informed about the different products you will be able able to purchase.