Having a Bird Bath Fountain creates a relaxing atmosphere and this atmosphere is very important in the home for your life and standard of living. It’s meditational and therapeutic properties alone make these fountains such attractive piece for homeowners.

Just imagine the little birds playing splashing each other with a water in your tiered water fountain. This sight as I say this will make you happy just thinking about it!

Happy Bird with Peanut on Fountain
Happy Bird with Peanut on Fountain

Birds loves to drink water and love to clean their wings, their mouths and their whole body at times. Any water feature will attract the birds year long round.

Birds Relaxing in Tiered Fountain
Birds Relaxing in Tiered Fountain

All of the bird baths come in its ready to assemble no tools required. The kits come a high-quality water pump, power cables of very adequate length for most gardens, high-quality cast a stone and concrete or in some cases fiberglass based material, a large selection of different colors, styles and physical sizes for you to choose so that you will fit nicely in your garden setting.

Many homeowners will not have just one Fountain in their home they may have a Bird bath fountain out the back of their home and in the front. The number of benefits inherited in buying one of these fountains is massive compared to their reasonable price.

We highly recommend Bird Bath Fountains and have provided a lot of material, popular purchases in the United States, maintenance and other product informational guidelines to help you make an informed decision when buying your fountain four your own living space.

What are Bird Bath Fountains?

Happy Yellow Bird Mezmerized by Fountains Flowing Water
Happy Yellow Bird Mezmerized by Fountains Flowing Water

The anatomy of a bird bath fountain includes a nice flat and usually round dish for the bird or group of birds of play and bathe in. While the peaceful and happily chirping birds are bathing in the nice clear water you can hear the sounds of the peaceful birds playing and having fun and the positive vibes spread on right onto everyone in the area.

Bird Bath fountains can be either made from a fiberglass / resin material giving the fountain maximum portability and ease to simply empty and shift the fountain to a new location whenever and where ever it suits you. The other alternative on premium luxury fountains is fountains made from a heavy duty, no nonsense cast stone and cement combination for structure and these fountains are much heavier and much more sturdy and solid.

Most bird bath fountains will have at least 2 Tier’s of dishes whereby the water pump will pump water from the lower dish up into the top dish whereby the water will treacle down creating a breaking water sound that really soothes the mood. Additionally, Tiered fountains are almost always placed in an outdoor area so these fountains are also enjoyed by the birds. This is where came in, the Bird Bath Fountain.

How Bird Bath Fountains Work

How a Bird Bath Fountain Operates
How a Bird Bath Fountain Operates

Bird Bath Fountains operate the same as most other fountains. They consist of a reservoir a pump sitting inside the reservoir and a pip in which the water is pumped out to creating a treacling or spraying water effect.

The power of the pump in the Bird Fountains will vary depending on the design but a common pump used will be a 9V DC submersible pump used to make the fountain preform its magic.

When it comes to what the actual power source will be to power the pump these pumps come in two different varieties. Either a mains power cord variant whereby you can use your exiting home wall sockets, or the other option is a Solar Bird Bath Fountain.

We highly recommend you consider wether the location of your bird bath fountain is in place with a nearby power socket. If the case whereby it is not, perhaps the solar panel will see your needs better. A solar power fountain works very well– And there is a wide range of different designs available to you. In particular there is a lot of Solar Bird Bath Fountains.

Different Types of Bird Bath Fountains

Tiered Bird Bath Fountain with 3 Birds on Top
Tiered Bird Bath Fountain with 3 Birds on Top

To help you choose the right bird bath you would like in your garden – that’s where we come in. We are here to help. We showcase a variety of different fountains that will be suitable for your backyard, patio or indoor room areas of your home.

sphere fountain
Spherical fountain with reservoir Bird Bath

A bird bath fountain can come in a variety of different forms. Most bird baths fountains will usually not only have one dish that several dishes spanning underneath the fountain giving several increasingly larger layers which is known as the Tiered fountain range. These are the type of fountains we would recommend as they are classy, modern and refined homeowner experience and can be found from many retailers.

Decorative fountain with 2 children playing and water flowing out from a bucket
Decorative fountain with 2 children playing and water flowing out from a bucket

Some of these tiered fountains will have only one or two tiers, however, some fountains will have three or even more tiers. The size of these fountains in heights and circumference can vary greatly and materials used will also vary.

Other types of Bird Bathing Fountains may include fountains where by the water is pumped onto a sphere where the water runs down evenly into a large reservoir (the birds bath)

A type of fountain where the water is pumped to the top of an artistic object and the water sprays out of the the object and into the reservoir. All types of fountains like tis are adored by every bird in the neighborhood.

Where can I buy Bird Bath Fountains?

You can buy bird bath fountains locally in your area as many hardware stores will carry at least a couple of different varieties. However for a larger range and much better quality fountains we recommend you browse our popular Bird Bath Fountains that we promote from our affiliated stores shop.

To begin your search for a fountain I highly recommend you use our preferred retailer who are one of the biggest Fountain retailers in the country, Serenity Health. They are an online store who are passionate about providing indoor fountains outdoor fountains to their customers had The best Wholesale prices.

Use the link above to browse this site and this they take 15 minutes to a half an hour of your time as they have a large selection of fountains for you to browse through.

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