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Tiered Bird Bath Fountain with 3 Birds on Top

Have you been searching the internet looking for indoor or outdoor water fountains? Are you uncertain about what type of water fountain would suit your needs? Don’t worry! Maybe we can help.

Fountain From Floor

LuxuryWaterFountains.com was setup to help you make an informed decision when buying fountains online. – This website is updated daily to bring you the very best of fountain related information, help and advice. – Take a peek at the buyers guide, read our blog, or search for the type of fountain you’re looking for in the search box above. Whether you’re looking for wall fountains, floor fountains, office fountains or garden fountains, you’re sure to find a fountain that will suit your needs.

All of the outdoor and indoor water fountains on this website come complete with reviews, installation tips and resources to make buying a fountain easy. If you’re uncertain about what type of fountain you’re looking for, read through the Buyers Guide or click on one of the categories to the right for more information.

4 Commonly Made & Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Outdoor & Indoor Water Fountains

Indoor and outdoor water fountains can range anywhere from $50 to $50,000 depending up on the size and style. If you make an error during the ordering process, it could end up costing you hundreds. Avoid embarrassment and money loss by following these 4 simple tips below.

Water Fountain Size

1) Incorrect fountain size: Make sure you know what size fountain you require, if you’re unsure how to determine this, contact us for help. – There’s no point in ordering a large indoor waterfall fountain if the wall it’s occupying is not big enough, or a 6ft X 6ft artistic wall fountain if the space it’s meant to fill is only 4ft X 4ft.

Water Fountain Material

2) Wrong Type of Material: When buying a fountain online, there are many materials to choose from, such as marble, rock, stone, granite, ceramic, glass, bamboo, cast iron plus a whole lot more. Make sure that the material of the fountain you purchase is durable under the conditions of where it is located.

Water Fountain Servicing

3) Don’t Forget Maintenance and Servicing: Don’t forget to include maintenance and servicing costs. If you have a large outdoor garden fountain, it may need regular algae removal and cracks resealing amongst other problems. – You will probably even have to buy a new pump because they stop working every 2 to 3 years.

4) Installation Costs: Some of the fountains in our database are fairly easy to install and come with detailed instructions on how to install them, others however do not. – Again, depending up on the size of the fountain, or positioning of the fountain, you may not be able to install them on your own and have to hire a professional.

If you avoid the four mistakes above when buying outdoor and indoor fountains for your home, office, or garden, when your fountain finally arrives (some with next day delivery), you won’t be disappointed.

If your looking to buy your water fountain locally, check out our local directory listings for US customers.